Transatlantic cruise

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Have you been dreaming of visiting Europe, but dreading the long flight? A Transatlantic cruise may be the answer. In fact, at one time, this was the only way to transverse the great pond, connecting the Western Hemisphere to the Eastern Hemisphere. Today, transatlantic cruises are considered a luxury cruise experience. While you are traveling across the ocean, you can be planning for your visit to your final decantation. Some cruises stop at popular ports in the Caribbean, Mediterranean or Baltic, while others focus on the journey itself. While you are on board a transatlantic cruise, be sure to: Take advantage of the onboard enrichment programs to learn something new. Take shore excursions when available to experience the rich culture of the areas you are visiting, such as Stonehenge near Southampton. See Broadway and off-Broadway shows before you leave from New York City or on board in the ship's own theater. If you need to book a transatlantic cruise, has what you need. With our help, you can save significantly on this elegant cruise experience. Planning Your Transatlantic Cruise Experience. Transatlantic cruises are a bit different form other cruises in that they are often designed not just for leisure, but also to get you to a new destination. They range from seven to 17 nights and leave from eastern ports such as New York, Miami and Fort Lauderdale. The destination ports are typically Southampton, Barcelona or Paris....

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