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First time cruise

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Cruise travel tips

Items to take

They say that half the fun of going on a vacation is anticipating and planning it. Preparing your wardrobe and packing for the cruise are part of that fun! The bottom line: Don't get carried away! (Typically, first-time cruisers pack at least twice as many clothes as they need). One or two bathing suits, a couple of shorts and shirts, a few sets of nice casual wear, and a couple of more dressy outfits should work out just fine. Don't overpack! Think in terms of essentials.…

Cruising with kids

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Cruise travel tips

Taking a floating vacation with kids, no matter what their ages, doesn’t have to be fraught with anxiety.
How do you keep it together when you’re cruising with your offspring? Here’s how you should do it:

Plan with your kids

Can you imagine being put on a boat and not knowing where you are going? This is exactly what it feels like to your kids when they are not involved in the planning of the trip. This is a family cruise and they all need input. Go shopping for some port…

Before departing tips

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Cruise travel tips

Before you leave

Pre-reserve popular shore excursions, Lotus Spa appointments, arrange for flowers to be delivered to your stateroom and much more! Click on a topic headline to view detailed information relating to your selection.

Pre-Reserving Shore Excursions

Exploring ports of call will be one of the highlights of your cruise, and one of the best ways to do this is on a shore excursion.

Tours are…

Cruise package tips

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Cruise travel tips


Most ships have exercise facilities and classes. If you plan on working out, don't forget gym clothes and shoes.

Some cruises travel through multiple climates. Make sure to pack accordingly.

Life aboard a cruise ship is generally laid-back and casual. Pack for comfort.

Footwear should include walking/running shoes and, if you're headed someplace warm, sandals.

Even when cruising warm weather destinations, consider packing a sweater/sweatshirt,…

Cruise booking tips

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Cruise travel tips

Booking Cruises online is growing in popularity thanks to many of the sites being extremely user-friendly, people are becoming more comfortable making online purchases, the convenience, and they are finding the best deals online.  Here are 8 tips to help you avoid some common errors when booking your cruise online without the assistance of a Travel Agent.  If you are ever confused about what you are booking, call the agency’s 800 number and talk to an agent. 


Cruise shore tips

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Cruise travel tips

Snorkeling through coral reefs, exploring ancient Roman ruins, hiking on glaciers, shopping at local outdoor markets -- all of these shoreside activities are as much a part of the cruise experience as enjoying the onboard amenities of your ship. Indeed, half the fun of taking a cruise is exploring exciting new places -- tropical islands, bustling metropolises, exotic countries.

So to enhance each port visit (as well as to increase their profits), cruise lines offer organized shore excursions…

On board cruise tips

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Cruise travel tips

There is always something going on! Most ships offer a spa, a fitness center and a jogging track. There are usually several
swimming pools and hot tubs for public use. Some ships have movie theaters, rock climbing walls, skating rinks, mini-golf
courses, driving ranges and Flow Riders.

For those who want more relaxing activities, the ships have a library where you can check out books or sit in a quiet area to
read. There is also a card/game room which will have table…

Leaving the ship

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Cruise travel tips

Getting ready for a cruise vacation is way more fun than what to do when it is over. Before, we plan where to go, what to do and get excited for the experience. After, not so much. Still, preparing for getting off the ship can be just as important. You’ll want to know where to go and what to do and while each cruise line is a bit different, there are some common elements of the experience that we can tell you about right now.

Here are some tips to make the pain of leaving your ship behind…

Travel insurance

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Cruise travel tips

Cruise travel insurance checklist:


It's vital that you're covered in case you have to cancel your holiday. The policy will cover a range of reasons for doing this. These should include the following:
• Illness or death in your family or of a business partner
• Jury service
• Serious fire, flood or storm damage to your home or business premises
• A request from the police not to go away following a burglary at your home or office


Cruise FAQ

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Cruise travel tips

Are cruises safe onboard?
In general, cruises are quite safe onboard. Each ship has a staff of security personnel that is always on duty. However, guests should treat a cruise ship like any public place, and be on their guard against theft or personal harm. Leave valuables at home or store them in a stateroom safe or at the purser's office. Passengers should always be aware of their surroundings and in control of their faculties. If you plan on drinking a lot, it's wise to…

Travel documents & requirements

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Cruise travel tips

General Documentation and Visa Information

U.S. Citizens

Hawaii Cruises

There's no need for a passport when you sail on any Hawaii inter-island cruise. If your ship never sails beyond the islands of Hawaii, all you need is a government-issued photo I.D. which includes a passport or a valid driver's license with a photo. A U.S. citizen under the age of 16 does not require a government-issued photo ID.

Caribbean, Bahamas,…