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Luxury cruise

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Cruise styles

There's no need to mourn the golden age of travel - old-world glamour is still alive and well in the world of luxury cruises. If you dream of sumptuous, well appointed suites, welcoming bottles of champagne in your room, black tie dinners, butler service, private pool decks and deluxe spa treatments, then luxury cruising is definitely for you.

Take your pick from the world's finest cruise holidays with Crystal Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Holland America Line, Oceania Cruises, Regent Seven…

Single/Solo cruise

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Cruise styles

As the name signifies, Solo Cruises are meant for people who are either single or like to travel alone across the world. This style of cruising is different from other cruises where people, usually, travel in groups with friends, family or colleagues.

Solo Cruises are the ideal getaway for single travelers. In these types of cruises one can indulge in ones hobbies and passions without any interruption or objection from anyone. In these types of cruises, you are on your own and free to…

Gourmet/Dining cruise

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Cruise styles

Eating out at good restaurants and pampering your taste buds is a very popular hobby for many people. Now there is good news for all gourmands. Celebrated chefs are now going places on board cruise ships to pamper you with delicious food even as you sail along tranquil waters in some remote place of the world.

What is fresh and enticing is that cruise lines are raising the food bar by developing partnerships with celebrated and noted chefs from all over the world to serve world class food…

Scuba diving cruise

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Cruise styles

Scuba Diving Cruises are specially designed cruise for travelers who want to have a lot of adventure while cruising to various adventure spots around the world.

Scuba Diving Cruises are offered by various cruises lines. Some of the cruise lines are Nekton Diving Cruises, Royal Caribbean Cruises and Princess Cruises to name a few. You could take a Scuba Diving Cruise to the follow destinations; Panama Canal, Southern Caribbean, Mexico, Southern America, Western Caribbean and Alaska.


Romantic/Honeymoon cruise

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Cruise styles

Cruising and romance seem to go hand in hand. Romantic Cruises promise the best time to couples on board, be it admiring the setting sun or sipping orange juice at their private verandah. You could also have your private moments with on a deserted beach with your mega ship anchored in the background.

Romantic Cruises can be one of the most exciting vacations you could go on with your loved one. It is often the tangibles on a romantic cruise like the onboard ambience and lifestyle that…

Gay/Lesbian cruise

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The ever-increasing number of people with alternative sexual preference has led to the emergence of a new style of cruising called the Gay and Lesbian Cruises. These cruises gives a chance to these couples to enjoy a trip, which ensures freedom from the daily drudgeries of life.

A Gay and Lesbian Cruise is the best way by which these couples can go for a vacation, with their beloved ones, to some of the most exotic destinations of the world. While going on a cruise of this sort, choosing…

River & Canal cruise

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Cruise styles

There's a simple formula that makes a river cruise fantastically different. Cruising through rivers and waterways means smaller ships, which in turn mean a cosier and more intimate onboard atmosphere, fewer passengers, and staff who feel more like friends. Your view of the world changes on board a river cruise - get closer and enjoy spectacular eye-level view of European villages, Egyptian temples and exotic Asian markets. You won't miss the open ocean for a second.

Going on a cruise on…

Party cruise

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As the name indicates, party cruises are specialized in throwing grand parties on board. Celebration on seas is one of the best ideas. Isn't it? If you are love grooving to some great music and enjoying yourself, well, this is the place that you should be in. Cruising and partying together can be a wonderful combination that you can cherish through out your life. Away from the discos and bars of land, you can now be a part of the celebration while you sail.

About Party Cruises


Family cruise

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Cruise styles

A cruise holiday is a wonderful way to spend quality time together, while still allowing everyone the freedom to do their own thing. While the kids are off playing in the pool, going on scavenger hunts and having their own theme parties, Mum and Dad can enjoy a couples massage, play a round of gold or check out some of the many bars and lounges on board. In the evening, you'll all have plenty of stories to share over dinner.

With MSC Cruises, children and teenagers aged up to 17 can cruise…

Disabled cruise

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Cruise styles

If you think that you are disabled and you cannot go for a cruise, then think again. This is because; the cruise liners have come up with, what is called 'Disabled Cruises', to enable people, with disabilities, sail across the oceans and travel to those places which they have only dreamt of visiting.

Disabled Cruises are a new invention in the field of style cruising. These types of cruises are designed with utmost care, as the travelers availing these cruises are people who are physically…

Adventure cruise

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Cruise styles

Does a helicopter ride over an Alaskan glacier appeal to you more than a day spent lying beside the pool? Would you rather take part in a scientific expedition than dance the night away? An adventure cruise can be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience the world in a different way, seeing some of the planet's most fascinating and remote destinations while you're at it.

Take a look at the great adventure cruise deals available from Captain Cook Cruises, Hurtigruten, Voyages of Discovery,…

Senior cruise

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Cruise styles

A cruise meant for the senior citizens, Senior Cruises have opened up a new world for the elders who have a deep desire to travel across the globe and see the wonders of the world.

With their children all grown up and busy with their own lives, the senior citizens often find it difficult to spend their time. This is the time when a Senior Citizens cruise proves helpful. Various international cruise liners have these types of cruise packages that the elderly can avail, and go for a holiday…

Golf cruise

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Cruise styles

Cruise Lines are increasingly giving due importance to the sport of Golf, both in onboard features and also on land excursion selections. However, importance must be given while selecting the right cruise lines.

Cruise Lines have introduced golf course outings on shore excursions and many have also included some kind of driving range on board. These days, though, cruise lines are getting much more techno-fancy, as well as emphasizing more personalized services, such as instruction and…

Exotic cruise

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Cruise styles

Exotic Cruises are known to give something more than the ordinary to its passengers. Nowadays people want to learn something new everyday. And this is where the importance of Exotic Cruises should not be undermined. Exotica Cruises are mostly availed of by senior travelers who want to know something new everyday.

Some of the world's leading cruise liners that organize Exotic Cruises areCrystal Cruises. What is unique about this Cruise line is that it has tied up with well known organizations…

Group cruise

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Cruise styles

What is a Group Cruise?
Cruise lines usually define a group as having a minimum of 8 double occupancy cabins.

Groups of all types find that cruise ships are the easiest and most enjoyable way to travel together. Onboard a modern megaship, your group can dine together in a gourmet restaurant, meet in a quiet conference room, gather by the pool for sun and fun, or experience a Broadway show. Participants who want a break from the action can retreat to the spa, find…

Expedition cruise

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Cruise styles

Fancy yourself an arctic explorer? How about traipsing through the jungles of the Amazon? Alaska? New Zealand? Expedition cruises let you seek adventure off the beaten path.

Transatlantic cruise

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Cruise styles

Have you been dreaming of visiting Europe, but dreading the long flight? A Transatlantic cruise may be the answer. In fact, at one time, this was the only way to transverse the great pond, connecting the Western Hemisphere to the Eastern Hemisphere. Today, transatlantic cruises are considered a luxury cruise experience.

While you are traveling across the ocean, you can be planning for your visit to your final decantation. Some cruises stop at popular ports in the Caribbean, Mediterranean…

World cruise

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Cruise styles

Who hasn't dreamed of leaving it all behind and circumnavigating the globe? A special few of us get to do just that, on a World Cruise. You can choose to live on board for the 100+ days it takes for the full cruise, or join for just a segment of the trip.

A handful of Cruises offer once a year world cruises. These trips are approximately of 100 days. Ships that operate these voyages are usually the line's most comfortable cruise ships. The facilities you would get on the other cruise ships…

Premium cruise

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Cruise styles

As the very name signifies, Premium Cruises are cruises that provides something extra or rather something special to the travelers. These cruises have an edge above the other styles of cruising as you are assured of upscale facilities and amenities on the cruise liner.

If you want to travel in style, complete luxury and go for sophisticated dining, then going for this sort of a cruise would be most appropriate for you.

In a Premium cruise you get truly the best of facilities. The…

Theme cruise

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Cruise styles

Theme cruises offer the opportunity to indulge in a favorite hobby and increase your knowledge of a wide variety of subjects - from gourmet cuisine and fine wine to music, culture and history. Programs may include special guest speakers, performances by noted entertainers, theme-related shore excursions and the chance to interact with leading figures in a particular field.

Theme cruises are very popular and often sell out early.

List of theme cruises available:

  • Food…

Contemporary cruise

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Cruise styles

Contemporary Cruises are a unique cruising style that has come into vogue recently. You can enjoy the beauty of some of the most exotic destinations in the world while traveling on a luxurious cruise liner, while embarking on a Contemporary Cruise

A cruise of this sort can be best described as a resort like experience on a cruise ship. In other words, it is something like a Floating Resort.

A Contemporary Style Cruise takes the passengers on a journey that they will never forget.…

Discount cruise

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Cruise styles

As the very name signifies, Discount Cruises are low fare cruises. In other words, these are cruises, which you can embark upon without paying a huge fare.

These cruises are usually seasonal or are like special offers. The cruise liners, to enable more and more eager travelers to go on a cruise to their dream destinations, come out with such cruises on a regular basis.

Anybody going on a cruise would surely look out for cruises that does not fall too heavily on their pockets. Often…

Fall cruise

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Cruise styles

You can escape the treacherous climate by going on a cruise during the fall months to some of the most pleasant and exotic destinations of the world.

Fall Cruises are greatly advantageous since it is mainly during this time that the cruise liners come out with various discount packages or reduce their fares. Thus cruise lovers can grab this opportunity and avail of some of the most economical packages that suits their pocket.

During this period the cruise liners mainly sail to…

Holiday cruise

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Cruise styles

Escape from the whims of everyday life with Holiday Cruises. The holiday season is the best and most preferred time to travel. It is also when the entire family comes together to celebrate. And what better than Holiday Cruises.

The most preferred time for going on Holiday Cruises are Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas. Everyone wants to take a break during these times. The most preferred destinations for holiday cruises are Mexican Riviera, Caribbean Islands and several destinations…

Last minute cruise

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Cruise styles

Forgot to book a cruise in advance to some of the most exotic destinations of the world? Well, do not worry. You can surely go for the Last Minute Cruises offered by the various cruise liners of the world.

It's often very difficult to plan a cruise vacation in advance. Again, sometimes you might get an unexpected holiday from your office. Under such situations, you can avail of the Last Minute Cruise Holiday Packages that will allow you to enjoy your vacations in the best possible manner.


Ocean crossing cruise

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Cruise styles

Holidaying on a cruise on the ocean could be an exhilarating experience. Ocean crossings give you the opportunity to fulfill your dream of sailing across the Pacific or the Atlantic.

Ocean Crossings are filled with adventure. You will experience nothing but water all around you, with high waves and even water sprinkling on your face. Ocean Cruises can be relaxing and rejuvenating after all since you get to spend a number of days on calm waters. With Ocean Crossings you sail across the…