Carnival Destiny staterooms

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Staterooms summary Best Cabins onboard the Carnival Destiny: staterooms on Deck 7 (the Empress Deck). Decks 7 and 9 also have very nice staterooms. Cabins to be wary of onboard the Carnival Destiny: staterooms on Deck 6 (the Upper Deck). Deck 1 - Riviera deck cabins Cabins on the Destiny's Deck 1 have cabins above them. This means that they are typically quieter compared to cabins beneath the disco or sunbathing areas (the noise of moving deck chairs late at night / early in the morning). On the Riviera Deck of the Carnival Destiny, cabins 1300-1341 (in the stern / rear of the ship) may notice a bit of propeller vibration. Cabins 1309 and 1306 are next to elevators and hence could be a bit noisier than other cabins on Deck 1 of the Destiny. Deck 2 - Main deck cabins Deck 2 of the Carnival Destiny is right beneath several major public areas on the ship, such as the main dining rooms and the main lounge. However, given the operating hours of the venues, these are times when most people are out of their cabins so this shouldn't present a concern. The exterior cabins in the aft of Deck 2 of the Destiny (2348, 2350, 2352, 2353, 2351, 2349) all have unique aft-facing views that are quite picturesque.  Outside cabins aft on the Destiny's Main Deck (2340, 2341, 2346, 2347) are more spacious than standard sized staterooms. Deck 6 - Upper deck cabins Some cabins on this deck with potential problems Along the entire Upper Deck, be aware that the main drag of the Carnival Destiny is right beneath your feet. Including some areas that stay fairly noisy into the wee hours. This includes the stage, bars and lounges, dance club, and casino. Arguably, any cabin numbers from the middle of the ship to the aft of the ship (cabins 6170-6371) might have significant noise coming from the late night action below. While we are not shunning this deck, some of the worst cabins are on the Upper Deck of the Carnival Destiny! If you are light sleeper, you may prefer a cabin elsewhere on the ship, or bring earplugs. You may also consider investing in a wave machine (a sound device available at a specialty retailer like Brookstone -- produces pleasant sounds that can wipe out the unpleasant sounds).  Forward on the Destiny's Deck 6, inside cabins 6106 and 6105 do have partially obstructed views, but also are more spacious than average interior rooms. Cabins 6314 and 6341 do abut elevators and are likely noisier.  Balcony category cabins in the rear of the Destiny's Upper Deck (6348, 6350, 6352, 6379, 6377, 6375) all have extended balconies and the highly sought after rear-facing views, where you typically don't have to worry about the balcony being too windy. Staterooms 6346 and 6373 have the largest balconies to be had on Deck 6 of the Destiny! Deck 7 - Empress deck cabins Well rated by cruisers! On the Carnival Destiny, the Empress Deck is without question the high-rent district of the ship. This is where all the suites and penthouse category cabins are located. There is also at least one deck of buffer both above and below this deck, so noise tends not to be an issue from common areas. Given that this is where the high-dollar cabins are, this is also where the best cabin stewards are usually assigned. So, if your budget only affords you an inside cabin, reserving one right across from a penthouse might be a very wise investment! Some of the best cabins on the Carnival Destiny are on the Empress Deck! Interior cabins 7106 and 7105 are more spacious than average on the Destiny's Deck 7. Rear cabins 7324, 7326, 7328, 7330, 7333, 7331, 7329, 7327 afford extended balcony space as well as great ocean views on the Destiny's Empress Deck. If you love your balcony, 7322 and 7325 aft on Deck 7 of the Destiny come with spacious extended balconies. Interior cabin 7294 is by an elevator and thus could be a bit noisy. Deck 8 - Verandah deck cabins The Carnival Destiny's Veranda Deck should be considered in two sections. One has cabins on the deck above it, and the other one has the pool, sunbathing, and dining area above it. The quieter areas are cabins 8101-8157 on the forward part of the Destiny's Verandah Deck, which has cabins on the deck above it.  If you're in one of the Verandah Deck cabins in the aft sections of the Carnival Destiny, you can occasionally hear the scraping of deck chairs being rearranged above you on Lido deck. This is not a problem during the daytime hours, but it can awaken light sleepers after midnight until 6 AM when the crew is cleaning the Lido deck public spaces. Once again, we suggest you may prefer to find a cabin elsewhere on the ship, or, bring earplugs or a wave machine.  Balcony category cabins 8322 and 8333 have extra room as well as extended balconies on the Destiny's Deck 8. Extended balconies and great views may be reserved at the rear of this deck with outside cabins 8328 through 8333 on the Verandah Deck of the Destiny. We do suggest that cabins 8304 and 8405 be avoided on the Destiny's Deck 8 should you not prefer to be right by an elevator. Deck 9 - Lido deck cabins Cabins on the Carnival Destiny's Lido Deck are close to the pool and casual eateries. They are also of interest because they have no public areas above or below them. While there are doors to suppress the sound from the pool area, cabins 9214 and 9217 are a bit close to the pool and you may prefer to move farther forward on Deck 9 of the Destiny. Forward on the Destiny's Lido Deck, interior cabins with obstructed views are 9104, 9102, 9101, and 9103. These cabins are much roomier than standard inside cabins. These cabins are also right under the gym area, and could be noisy during the day. Deck 10 - Spa deck cabins The key feature of these Spa Deck cabins is that they are steps away from Spa Carnival on the Destiny. While the Camp Carnival Youth Program is one deck above, the facilities are above the gym and shouldn't present any problems for those in cabins on the Spa deck. The Destiny's Spa Deck cabins are the likely candidates to be designated as "Spa Cabins. These cabins are strictly non-smoking and there is a $250 cleaning fee assessed if cabin staff notice the smell of smoking in your room. Cabins 1016 and 1017 are closest to the Spa Deck pool area on the Destiny. Finding a cabin farther forward may lessen noise issues.   ...

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Carnival Conquest staterooms

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With a handful of variations, Carnival sticks with the four basic cabin categories -- inside, oceanview, balcony and suite. For all categories, the standard Carnival color scheme of pink, light orange and cream prevails. Hair dryers are available in each cabin. Inside, oceanview and balcony cabins range from 185 - 260 square feet (including balconies, which range from 35 to 75 square feet). Accommodations feature two twin beds that can be converted into a queen, interactive TV's, mini-fridges, safe and bathrobes. Storage space is adequate; there are three full-length closets -- one has fold down shelves -- plus a number of drawers and cabinet spaces. The shower-only bathrooms in standard accommodations are comfortable enough, and certainly functional. Showers are outfitted with shampoo and shower gel dispensers. Carnival also features its "legendary" amenity basket in its bathrooms, filled with disposable razors, deodorant, breath mints, toothpaste, soap and the like. (Choices will vary. These are not refilled through the course of the cruise.) Verandahs in the balcony cabins are outfitted with wood-colored plastic furniture (table, straight chair, adjustable chair) and have a privacy guard that extends just over the railing on each side. Those in need of a little extra leg room may want to opt for a suite -- but at just 340 square feet (including balcony), the term "mini-suite" is probably more accurate. There are also 10 penthouse suites (430 square feet including balcony) with sitting areas, walk-in closets and whirlpool baths. One note: Sounds travel quite easily through cabin doors so light sleepers may want to position themselves as far away as possible from elevator banks. And a number of passengers on Deck 8, under the main pool area, complained that late-night and early-morning scrapings of chairs and tables overhead was very disturbing. Carnival Conquest cruise ship staterooms list:...

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Carnival Breeze staterooms

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All staterooms feature: A new Caribbean-inspired decor Television Carnival Comfort Collection linens, towels and bathrobes Full bathroom with shower 24-hour stateroom service Ample closet and drawer space ...

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