As the name indicates, party cruises are specialized in throwing grand parties on board. Celebration on seas is one of the best ideas. Isn't it? If you are love grooving to some great music and enjoying yourself, well, this is the place that you should be in. Cruising and partying together can be a wonderful combination that you can cherish through out your life. Away from the discos and bars of land, you can now be a part of the celebration while you sail.

About Party Cruises

Wondering what to find in party cruises? Well, lot more than you can actually anticipate. This little town sailing on sea has everything from bars to nightclubs to entertain you during the trip. You miss nothing of land. Bring in your dear ones and enjoy the grandest celebration ever during your journey to some exotic location. The marine party is sure to get you into the right mood for celebration.

Different kinds of themed parties see the light on a cruise ship. There are pirate parties, costume parties, masquerade balls, casino parties and so on. Some of the other interesting party themes for such cruises include

Ghost cruise parties
Chartered cruise parties
New Year Eve parties
Murder mystery parties
Music parties

Usually, cruise parties are companied with fireworks, music, dance performances, musical shows, laser shows, karaoke and several other entertaining features. Ships, yachts or smaller cruises make provision for these in advance. As the ship sails, the volume is increased and the fiesta begins. Nightlong parties are the specialty of some of the top cruise liners of the world.

Best Party Cruises

Groove to some excellent music and rejuvenate your senses at some of the best cruise ships of the world. Have fun while you sail on these Cruise Liners, which provide all round entertainment to party lovers on board. From night long casino parties to day long pool celebrations most of these are known for their grandeur. Some of the top cruises with thrilling parties are

Costa Cruises

Costa Cruises are widely known for their huge sized dance floors accommodating a lot of party lovers. The ship organizes dance shows for individuals as well as for private tours. With hardwood dance floor at the Medusa Ballroom, Costa's Costa Europa is a big hit. Costa Concordia and Costa Fortuna are not anywhere behind when it comes to hosting grand parties for its guests.

Crystal Cruises

Dance performances, musical concerts, and band performances are some of the highlights of the cruise celebrations at Crystal Cruises. From ballroom dance performances to musical performances, the lounge hosts it all. Even at tea time you will be pampered with classical melodies, which goes on till the evening. On Crystal Symphony, you will find a huge dance floor at Starlite Club, where you and your dear one can groove to some well-known numbers. You will also find a large dance floor at Crystal Serenity. Live band music entertains guests and leaves them humming the tunes and shaking their legs with their partners. Apart from this, there are ballroom dance competitions and fun games as a part of the fiestas at the cruise ship.

Cunard Cruises

Cunard Cruises are just the place you want to be to experience the best parties. Cunard's Queen Mary 2 is known for its large ballroom and dance floor that can accommodate lot of people. “Royal Nights” at Cunard is a famous event that thrills one and all present there. With a live band and orchestra Cunard surely knows to entertain its party lovers. The bars and restaurants at the cruise too thrill the guests during the celebration. The ship also organizes dance lessons in salsa, Latin, cha cha and line dancing for couples to enjoy. Just like Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria too throws amazing fiestas. Themed balls such as White Ball and Captain's Black entertains the guests on board. At Hemisphere people enjoy grooving to the beats of the latest dance numbers and celebrating their stay at the Cunard.

Royal Caribbean

Great music, amazing lounge and a bar is not just all that Royal Caribbean party lovers are offered. The Big Band Dance Music is the highlight of the cruise liner that entertains its guests with ease and style. At Serenade of the Seas, an evening is dedicated to dance lovers. Such a night is named, “Strictly Cruise Dancing”. Music for party lovers is also served at “Safari” and the Centrum. Royal Caribbean's dance parties are the best that you can be a part of. Guests can participate in Cha-Cha, Waltz, Rumba, Swing and Samba on board during the celebration.

New York water cruises

New York party cruises are certainly the best thing when all you want is to get rid of your stress and have fun. Special drinks, live DJs and lots of great music being played while you sail through the night is all you can dream and actually get on the cruise. Party lovers cannot ask for anything more than sheer thrill and fun while touring in the New York cruises.

Other well-known party cruises

Even shorter distance cruises have great parties. You can board any of these and expect to have the best time of your life. Some of the best celebrations take place at smaller sized cruise ships. You certainly cannot afford to miss the great fun that comes in a tiny package. With less number of people on board, the service that you get in most of these cruises is appreciable. Loud music, DJs playing the top numbers, bars and lounges are mostly a part of these tiny trips. You can even book the entire cruise for your personal parties and have your guests entertained on board. These cruises host marriage ceremonies, anniversary parties, birthday parties and official parties for a limited number of people. Some of the best cruises for partying are

Amsterdam Canal Cruises
Cape Cod Canal Cruises
Goa's River Cruises
Lancaster Canal Cruises
Bahamas Cruise

Let your hair down and relax at the cruise celebrations, forgetting all your stress while you sail.