You can escape the treacherous climate by going on a cruise during the fall months to some of the most pleasant and exotic destinations of the world.

Fall Cruises are greatly advantageous since it is mainly during this time that the cruise liners come out with various discount packages or reduce their fares. Thus cruise lovers can grab this opportunity and avail of some of the most economical packages that suits their pocket.

During this period the cruise liners mainly sail to the European countries, North America and the Caribbean . The weather in these places is pleasant and fantastic at this time of the year, making your journey extremely comfortable and relaxing. You can feel the soft breeze and the enjoy the view of the blue waters of the ocean as you sail past the coast lines of France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Key West, Cozumel and Cayman Islands. It's truly a beautiful feeling. The climate in Europe is much cooler during this time and hence traveling to this region is the obvious choice of cruise lovers. Cruise lines offer fall cruises along the Atlantic coast of New England and Atlantic Canada and along the St. Lawrence River that will give you wonderful views of the fall colors.

The ships also have a cozy ambience. The temperature within the ship is comparatively cooler and comfortable. The amenities are in tune with season. Spas are the most haunted place. Everybody wants to get pampered with a relaxing body massage or a neat manicure. The cuisine is light and healthy. It consists of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Repositioning Cruises are another favorite of experienced cruisers, during this time. These cruises usually feature fewer ports of call, and are often longer. However, they give you a wonderful cruise experience and are almost always a good bargain. Some examples of fall repositioning cruises are sailings from Alaska to Hawaii, Hawaii to California, California to the Caribbean through the Panama Canal or from Europe to the Caribbean or from Europe to Asia.

Going on a Fall Cruise has its own charm. You can view the reddish brown colors of the autumn leaves as you sail across the oceans on board of some of the famous luxury liners like the Costa Cruises or the Royal Caribbean Cruises. Fall Cruises are something worth experiencing.